About us

TrueSharing is the brainchild of Mamadou Niang, who developed the idea over the course of his Masters degree in finance and his 17 years’ experience running businesses. He has been working to implement and spread the concept ever since, writing a book on the subject and gathering a team of like-minded supporters - us. We have been working together to bring TrueSharing into being, proving the viability of the model as well as its numerous advantages for the community, and we’re just getting started.

We’re motivated by our desire to see many other businesses engaging in sharing, joining us on the path to a fair and sustainable future.
TSCafé is a place where experimentation and self actualization is allowed and encouraged - an ongoing process of realizing our personal ideals and aspirations. We intend TScafé to be characterized by our commitment to constant improvement, our courage to do things differently, and the flourish that results from this, showing that carefree consumption can be compatible with a healthy, sustainable way of business. So keep curious, stay tuned, and drop by any time!