Specially selected beans, fresh-roasted in packs of 1kg, 500g or 250g


Brazil Mistério amazônico (100% Arabica):
Experts consider this coffee to be the best Brazilian coffee. It is grown from old varieties of Bourbon coffee, and is characterised by a hint of dark chocolate. This coffee is balanced, with a velvety body and a slight, yet pleasantly noticeable citrus acidity. With dark chocolate in the base with the sweetness of the apricot and honey, the flavour makes this a high quality richly textured coffee.




Ecuador Tungurahua (100% Arabica):
The exceptional geographic conditions of the Andes slopes and the hot dry climate with the sun always overhead form a unique combination for the cultivation of excellent coffee that guarantees a powerful and long-lasting experience. This is probably the highest-growing Arabica coffee plant in South America. The warm currents of the Pacific create a unique microclimate that allows the cultivation of different qualities of coffee, unlike other plantations situated at the same altitude. A cup of this coffee is characterised by its full body and highly subtle aroma. This is a balanced coffee overall and has a pure flavour with an outstanding, unique aroma.



Peru Chanchamayo – organic (100% Arabica):
This is a quality Arabic coffee with the dark-green colour of green beans, balanced in size. The flavour is subtle, with a deep aroma and a rounded body. This coffee is slightly earthy, with the flavour of spicy chocolate and a light hint of tobacco, the complexity of which is balanced out by a light fruitiness and caramel undertones. This is a bio-quality coffee.




Mexico Juan Carlos (100% Arabica):
A highly distinctive, dark roast coffee, with a full, characteristic dark chocolate flavour. The aroma of this coffee is reminiscent of grass, roasted corn and dried fruit. Any connoisseur is sure to love this for its subtlety and light bitterness. It is best medium to heavily roasted.





Blend Italien Espresso
A balanced, traditional, 70/30 Italian blend of five types of Arabica and Robusta. A dark roast full-flavoured coffee with a light hint of chocolate and bitter cocoa. A real treat for all lovers of authentic Italian coffee.