From Suppliers to Consumers

systems and animals and people who depend on it. RA promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible coffee farming. Safe and undisrupted environment for people and nature - this is guaranteed by RA´s seal. It has been supporting and promoting sustainable planting methods for 15 years already..It grants certificates to the companies, which meet these requirements. In Latin America, there are currently some 6200 certified coffee farms in 9 countries (eg. Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru or Nicaragua. More than 150 000 farmers and beans pickers with their families benefit from the program. We roast and pack the coffee in Prague and are pleased to offer it to all people who love fresh coffee of varieties of aromas and flavours.And to those, who make no compromise in selecting the best.

The long trip

It is coming at last. Our big coffee trip to Colombia. We decided for thorough and slow roasting of our coffee as well as for careful selection of the farmers and high quality beans which we import. And therefore we decided to set up our own "finca" - a coffee farm. The second half of 2018 would be the time of foundation of our "finca Coffeessimo". We´ll share our experiences from our Big Trip with you here as well as on our FB site.